• 📝 Christmas Wishlist 2011 – Health and Fitness

    What’s on your Christmas wishlist for 2011?  Yesterday I shared my Gear, Gadgets, and Accessories list. Today we’re in for a workout instead.  Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with my fitness personal trainer and setting the goals for health and wellness into the next year.  Why wait until January 1?  Below you’ll find the items on […]

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  • 📝 My 3 Words for 2011

    Chris Brogan recently posted an article entitled “My 3 words for 2011.”Every year Chris comes up with three words that will summarize this focus for the year ahead. I decided to do likewise.

    Create. Consistent. Results.

    Create – I will create content, materials, art, music, and value in many areas of life. I can’t go on merely consuming the news, absorbing trainings, we’re just reading. My sponges full, and I need to share what I create. Consistent – I get all excited about new projects, ideas, methods, goals, and whatever new flashy thing comes my way. What I need is truly consistent in areas that will challenge me. For me this looks like a monthly newsletter, a daily blog post, a weekly podcast, time with my mentor, exercise, and meditation. I will choose tools that support being consistent. I will schedule time of my Google calendar. I will make appointments with myself. Results – results matter. I’m a very driven person and want to reach whatever the goal is. I need to measure, plan, map, and implement what will reach those results. This applies in my personal life as well as in my business life.

    What is the goal?

    My goals in 2011 include a staff of virtual assistants, public speaking, social media training and consulting, pay off all debt, balancing personal life, taking time for hobbies, growing spiritually, and getting married. To reach these goals I must include each of my three words, but I also want to create consistent results. What are your three words? Leave a comment below.
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  • 📝 How I’m Blogging My Way To Less

    In the winter I weighed in, and found the numbers a bit alarming. Sure, Americans are overweight – but we’re getting used to eating all our fast prepackaged food. Do we really want to see a change? There’s no better way to stick to real fat-loss than to share my progress with the world. Before: […]

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  • 📝 How To Connect With Others In Video

    Why should you be connecting with others through video marketing? What do you do if you don’t have a lot of technical experience or gear? To start – you’ll need a camera. Dave Saunder’s recommended “The Flip Mino” to me. Immediately, I recorded opening mine to share the features of it. It’s pretty easy to […]

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