How I’m Blogging My Way To Less

In the winter I weighed in, and found the numbers a bit alarming. Sure, Americans are overweight – but we’re getting used to eating all our fast prepackaged food. Do we really want to see a change? There’s no better way to stick to real fat-loss than to share my progress with the world.


186lbs, 41″ waist

DSC01103 DSC01308 Samurai Warrior


159 lbs. 38″
Courtney Engle

If you are interested in participating in this great fat-loss program, contact me. I’m on a fat-loss product, mixed in with most food, or the occasional meal-replacement. I eat healthy already, and exercise moderately. I reached a plateau for a while, but am finding great success now through it. I’m thrilled to have partners on the weigh-down!