Courtney Engle helps businesses streamline their online marketing.  She has been teaching basic through advanced software, hardware, and social media uses in plain English for third graders through grandparents, including businesses and bootcamp students since 2001.  Courtney helps businesses know what needs to be implemented but also provides accountability to ensure results.  She is available for conferences and online training.

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Courtney is a second-generation business and computer information technology teacher, having an advantage in her own technology education from an early age.  Having learned keyboarding on a typewriter in third grade, she advanced to desktop publishing with early versions of PageMaker by sixth grade.  Her interest in videography and photography began by grabbing cameras during family events.  Throughout high school, she pushed the limits of software applications while producing the school yearbook.  She was self-taught in web-page design just as the Internet became graphical, though much time was spent online before this migration happened.  Her videography skills were further used in special occasion and sporting events.  She has taken her various technology skills into the classroom out of a passion to inspire students.

Educational Instruction Includes:

  • Elementary basic computer specials
  • Middle school career development
  • High school computer technology shop in vo-tech (programming, networking, hardware)
  • Business electives (web design, accounting, and more)
  • Career Development Coordinator (graduation project supervisor, PA Career Standards implementation)
  • Department Chair
  • Future Business Leaders of America advisor
  • Continuing Adult Education
  • Personal tutoring

Beyond designing web-sites, Courtney empowers others to use social media to further their personal branding and incorporate relationship marketing.  By assisting individuals that represent a business, or furthering the social media needs of businesses and non-profit organizations directly, their relationship to clients expands.

Courtney is available for:

  • Webinar trainings
  • Educational consulting
  • Custom learning materials (print or video)
  • Conferences

More about Courtney:

Courtney was raised in South Central Pennsylvania.  She participated in competitive swimming and orchestra throughout school. Her talents also include playing violin and mandolin.  After high school, she attended Bloomsburg University to major in Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education.  While teaching, she also coached swimming, and taught swimming lessons.

She also has a strong interest in wellness and nutrition.  After noticing many health concerns arise related to processed pre-packaged food, Courtney became certified as a health coach while improving her own health.  She now shares with others ways to eat to live, select the best supplements, select additional therapies, and to live a life of purpose. Health is your first wealth.

What drives Courtney to is to empower various schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the most unlikely places by training their students, staff, and business community in business and technology to impact their economy and quality of living.  Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging matter greatly to Courtney.