• 🗒️ NICU Month and Career Halt

    The past year has been so exciting, but prior to that, I was relatively off the grid. I was “here”, but with very limited capacity. I wasn’t on social media much, I wasn’t at WordCamps (before Covid times), and I wasn’t really socializing. I made a choice to pause my career. Recently, I’ve begun sharing…

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  • 🗒️ Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    🗒️ Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    Like many people with my skin tone, I’m searching for how to be an ally and what role I have in Juneteenth. Today’s Juneteenth Love Demonstration was exactly what my city needs, as do I personally. Paid Time Off I’ve just gotten my feet under me in my new job with GoDaddy Pro. I learned…

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  • 🗒️ Recharging My Mind

    🗒️ Recharging My Mind

    Recharging daily during a pandemic is so very important. How I recharge: personal coding projects and playing my electric violin.

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  • 📣 WordCamp NYC

    Today’s task: packing for WordCamp NYC . Getting excited! Also, testing omitting status post format from RSS.

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