Are you ready do maximize your exposure, enable your online community, generate more sales, and increase your revenue?  We’ll partner with you to evaluate your current presence, determine a course of action, and measure your results.

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Social Media Marketing

How can you tell what will be the next big thing, keep up with it, and still manage your current business? Social media is a vast topic, full of changes, and often confusing.

We’ll help you leverage the power of social media to create consistent results in your business.

Get your questions answered now:

  • Marketing & Training
  • Setup & Design
  • Strategy & Direction
  • Management & Maintenance

Local SEO & Location Based

Does your local community know what you do?  Are you wanting to expand your business in your region?  Being discovered locally doesn’t look like it used to.  With the decline in YellowPages use and the increase in searching online, it’s important that you are discovered where people are looking.

  • Local Search Services
  • Local Optimized
  • Location Based Strategy


Mobile Marketing

Do you know how many people are already discovering your business, rating and reviewing them from their mobile devices?  Does your website even display properly from on a phone?  Mobile Marketing is increasing exponentially.  It is a broad area that encompasses QR codes, mobile websites, texting, NFC (near field communications), and overlaps with social media and location based services.

We’ll sort through the confusion and keep you on track as the future quickly changes the market needs.

Email Marketing

Do you send regular email updates to your community and clients? Keeping your community updated on your sales, upcoming events, or sharing your online content with them is valuable to staying “front of mind”.  By building an email list, you’ll be able to reach out to your clients when it fits their schedule.

  • Training
  • Setup & Design
  • Strategy & Direction
  • Management & Maintenance

Website development

How current is your website?  Is it alive?

What I mean is, websites are no longer flashy graphics on a brochure layout.  Today, websites are fully integrated with social media, highly interactive, and the home-base of your online presence.

A key to getting found is ongoing consistent updates.  How is your site doing?

  • Social Optimized
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Mobile Landing Pages
  • Content Strategy
  • Management & Maintenance 

Direct Marketing

Have you expanding your marketing to offline methods?  Your offline marketing is still a vital part of your business.  There are great ways to use these efforts to draw people to your online presence.

We’ll partner with services to integrate a fully customized marketing plan.  Areas can include:

  • Graphic design & layout
  • QR codes – links to an optimized mobile page
  • pURL – personalized URLS to track open rates by specific households
  • Social Media accounts
  • Clear call to action to engage online

Partner Services

To create a seamless approach to for your business and brand across the web, it might take a team of services.  We partner with the best of the best in:

  • Website creation
  • Print Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Screencasting
  • Podcast production
  • and much more…