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  • 📝 What everyone needs to know about social media

    📝 What everyone needs to know about social media

    Having a background in teaching technology and business education, I am often asked a wide variety of tech support issues.  As of lately, it is regarding social media as it relates to business.  I’ve seen a few people rush to these sites and systems with little regard to how to interact appropriately there.  The idea […]

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  • 📝 Inspired By Others

    Creativity is such an interesting thing.  In interacting with others, I find the ideas and creativity keep flowing.  In talking with like minded friends, I find I’m on overload sometimes with ideas, as is often the case with Dave Saunders.  It is important for me to capture those thoughts.  Lately my iPhone has been great […]

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  • 📝 Relationships of a group

    Relationships are crucial within a group of people. Everyone seeks to belong to some group, a part of something bigger than themselves. The dynamics of a group, or a tribe, are fascinating. Recently, Jill McClendon shared with a group on relationships. The message shared was great – but more importantly, the interaction and activities of […]

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  • 📝 How I’m Blogging My Way To Less

    In the winter I weighed in, and found the numbers a bit alarming. Sure, Americans are overweight – but we’re getting used to eating all our fast prepackaged food. Do we really want to see a change? There’s no better way to stick to real fat-loss than to share my progress with the world. Before: […]

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  • 📝 What do you do for a living? Leaders make a ruckus.

    In Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes, a few key lessons have stood out. Having spent years in the public education world, I’ve been a teacher of the sheep, and for so long sought permission from my leaders there. To define a few terms, sheep are followers. Sheep are those people that are used to the […]

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  • 📝 How To Connect With Others In Video

    Why should you be connecting with others through video marketing? What do you do if you don’t have a lot of technical experience or gear? To start – you’ll need a camera. Dave Saunder’s recommended “The Flip Mino” to me. Immediately, I recorded opening mine to share the features of it. It’s pretty easy to […]

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