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  • 📝 What do you do for a living? Leaders make a ruckus.

    In Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes, a few key lessons have stood out. Having spent years in the public education world, I’ve been a teacher of the sheep, and for so long sought permission from my leaders there. To define a few terms, sheep are followers. Sheep are those people that are used to the […]

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  • 📝 How To Connect With Others In Video

    Why should you be connecting with others through video marketing? What do you do if you don’t have a lot of technical experience or gear? To start – you’ll need a camera. Dave Saunder’s recommended “The Flip Mino” to me. Immediately, I recorded opening mine to share the features of it. It’s pretty easy to […]

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  • 📝 How To Send Large Files

    📝 How To Send Large Files

    People often ask me how to send large files. Email systems have a maximum capacity, and typically cannot handle an entire video being emailed around. For a faster solution, I recommend the website YouSendIt. It’s FREE, simple to set up, keeps your files saved only for a week, and shares with your friend a link […]

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  • 📝 Go-Giving Online

    Being a Go-Giver in the social media world has become fun. Last week, I had the chance to get on a conference call with my company, featuring Bob Burg and Thom Scott. Bob’s teaching in “The Go-Giver”, co-authored with John David Mann, has had a great impact on my life. For starters, I felt comfortable […]

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  • 📝 Tribes – by Seth Godin

    Tribes, by Seth Godin, is a great listen. I’ve been watching my tribe on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, or the countless other social sites so intertwined into my life – and wondering, when will conversion hit? How can I give more in value to the Tribe following me, and at which point do I see […]

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  • 📝 First Post

    I’ve just finished overhauling my online approach – what I’m doing in the technology areas and how I’m sharing in the wellness world. I’ve reconfigured my blogs, made some training content, and will be mass integrating all my sites into one automated place. Sounds thrilling right? Stay tuned for more – it will make sense […]

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