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WordPress Block: Bookmark Card

One of my favorite WordPress block plugins is the Bookmark Card by my friend, George Mamadashvili. Have you ever wanted to embed a preview link to a website only to find that WordPress didn’t know how to show a preview of that site how it can do with Twitter, Facebook, or other WordPress websites? That feature is known as oEmbed, and it works on many websites. When it doesn’t work, Bookmark Card can help.


^^^ That link worked beautifully as it was embedded from a WordPress site into a WordPress site. WordPress understands how to embed this nicely. But what if you want to display a link as a preview card from a website that doesn’t import pretty previews? For that, the Bookmark Card plugin can really help. Below I have linked to a music service I use to listen while working. I tested the link without the Bookmark Card plugin and my site tried to just convert it to a plain link. Instead, I can make it look like this:

Music to improve focus, meditation and sleep.
favicon lightmy.brain.fm

Okay, that may not be a well styled example. That would be dependent upon the site to provide. Another example could look like this:

state of cd report 2023 sq
State of Continuous Delivery Report 2023: The Evolution of Software Delivery Performance – CD Foundation
Read the fourth State of Continuous Delivery Report, this one is about The Evolution of Software Delivery Performance.

I love the simplicity of Bookmark Card.