Questions about WordPress: do answers exist?

Questions about WordPress: do answers exist?

I’ve been pondering a few questions about WordPress lately.

  • Why is the DEIB Working Group not yet permitted to be more of an official team with a proper team site on

    • What are the criteria for becoming one?
    • Is DEIB a sub-team of the Community team?
  • Do Tide and CLI teams need a team site or are they more working groups?

  • What’s happening with the Mobile team since the split from Jetpack? Where is the WordPress app headed in light of WP Playground?

  • Why does Core Performance have a team site that goes unused?

    • Are they a sub-group of Core?
  • Who reads the Updates site?

    This blog is used by for project-wide communication and collaboration. Cross-team coordination is managed here through weekly team updates, posts from leadership, and public discussion of topics that relate to many teams.

    Projects that affect multiple contributor teams and are being discussed on this site.

    This p2 is for all-project communications and cross-team collaboration. It’s a place to host and find discussions that affect all teams, and WordPress’ “back-office” work more transparent.

    This blog is not associated with any one team, but rather with all the teams, and may be used for topics ranging from short-term initiatives to long-term maintenance work.

  • If the Marketing team’s proposal is to trial archive it, why was the new trial Media Corps (public relations) team given its own Make site without scoping the trial and deciding upon results? And why was the same not done for DEIB?

  • How do other open-source projects organize sub-committees of the broader project? What could we learn that has worked and has not worked by having charters, documentation, and procedures for teams?

    I don’t really know off-hand how other projects organize their version of teams. But I’m interested in learning the pros/cons.