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  • 📝 Who owns the ideas?

    📝 Who owns the ideas?

    So you suddenly get a brilliant idea and are ready to share it with the world.  After thinking on it for a while, synthesizing all the details of how other concepts are related and connected, you start putting the concept out.  Suddenly, you find someone else sharing that same idea in some fashion.  What reaction […]

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  • 📝 Compassionate Samurai – Leadership lived out

    What does it take to be a great leader? How do you lead your tribe, or serve in another’s? Brian Klemmer has captured some of the best traits of a leader into a book: Compassionate Samurai. I was fortunate to get my autographed copy personally from Brian when he spoke at World Harvest Outreach in […]

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  • 📝 What everyone needs to know about social media

    📝 What everyone needs to know about social media

    Having a background in teaching technology and business education, I am often asked a wide variety of tech support issues.  As of lately, it is regarding social media as it relates to business.  I’ve seen a few people rush to these sites and systems with little regard to how to interact appropriately there.  The idea […]

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  • 📝 Inspired By Others

    Creativity is such an interesting thing.  In interacting with others, I find the ideas and creativity keep flowing.  In talking with like minded friends, I find I’m on overload sometimes with ideas, as is often the case with Dave Saunders.  It is important for me to capture those thoughts.  Lately my iPhone has been great […]

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  • 📝 Relationships of a group

    Relationships are crucial within a group of people. Everyone seeks to belong to some group, a part of something bigger than themselves. The dynamics of a group, or a tribe, are fascinating. Recently, Jill McClendon shared with a group on relationships. The message shared was great – but more importantly, the interaction and activities of […]

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  • 📝 How I’m Blogging My Way To Less

    In the winter I weighed in, and found the numbers a bit alarming. Sure, Americans are overweight – but we’re getting used to eating all our fast prepackaged food. Do we really want to see a change? There’s no better way to stick to real fat-loss than to share my progress with the world. Before: […]

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