What does it take to be a great leader?

61aCZHTrGOL. BO2,204,203,200 PIsitb sticker arrow click,TopRight,35, 76 AA240 SH20 OU01How do you lead your tribe, or serve in another’s? Brian Klemmer has captured some of the best traits of a leader into a book: Compassionate Samurai. I was fortunate to get my autographed copy personally from Brian when he spoke at World Harvest Outreach in Chambersburg. Before attending a leadership and personal development workshop from his organization, I devoured this book. It truly impacted my life.

Compassionate Samurai is a completely fresh way to look at leading. Servant leadership stands out in great ways. Other areas explored:

1. Courage
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Trust
4. Honesty
5. Commitment
6. Focus
7. Abundance
8. Contribution
9. Honor
10. Knowledge

Sure, there are plenty of leadership books and programs out there. I make absolutely nothing from today’s post, or any other way I’ve chosen to promote this organization. I know the difference it has made in my life, and in the lives of my friends. It has also changed my business connections in a profound way, I now have the confidence to be authentic.

They are on a run for the best seller’s list this week on Amazon, and conclude at the end of business today.  If you are in any way interested in furthering your leadership, get this book – for you and your friends.  It is worth it.

Look at the feedback from Amazon:

by ccdesandrop down icon small empty arrow. V13355991 (Salt Lake City, UT USA) – See all my reviews

There are more “leadership” and “personal development” courses and systems out there than you can shake a stick at. Who Moved My Cheese, Road to Oz, 7 Habits, Zenger-Miller, and on forever. I’ve been through over a dozen. This book is the first one that really made a difference in my life. It describes the traits needed by people who want to be immensely successful and make a difference in the world, yet still build a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.

By N. Staley “Ms. Samurai”drop down icon small empty arrow. V13355991See all my reviews

I am guided by the concepts of this book almost daily. I thought I was truthful, faithful, honest, etc. I learned the bar is higher than I was living by. I was living at a level of mediocrity I won’t accept anymore. After reading this I gave a copy as a graduation present to a wonderful young friend because I think it will assist her in living the life of integrity and service that she wants. For Christians, it can shake us up in our self-assessment; for business people, it can strengthen business practices as we live according to the principles of this book; for the world, many will live better and more peaceful lives because of an increased number of compassionate samurai living to serve others.

By Diane Beinschrothdrop down icon small empty arrow. V13355991See all my reviews

Wow… what an incredible book! There are thousands of leadership books that address how to take action and I have read many of them. Few, however, address the true needs of the human condition. The Compassionate Samurai takes you far beyond technique and into the realm of being all the person you want to be. Extraordinary leadership requires more than going through the motions. It requires the kind of character that commands respect and inspires others to greatness. Extraordinary leadership requires a Compassionate Samurai. What an incredible opportunity to step into your own greatness. Read the Compassionate Samurai. You will be glad you did.

By Mark Borkdrop down icon small empty arrow. V13355991See all my reviews

It is refreshing when I find authors who are willing to speak their mind with clarity, honesty and integrity. Brian Klemmer has given me a fresh drink of water with his book The Compassionate Samuri. Klemmer walks you through a myriad of life experiences using ancient Samuri warriors as his example to follow. I appreciate when a book speaks to my heart and causes me to reflect on my own life. This book does that. Klemmer’s straight forward writing style is often tough to accept especially when it exposes a truth that speaks to your inner soul. There were many (and I mean many) times when I felt somewhat punched in the gut. I wanted to divert to the 4 year old boy that I once knew and respond to Klemmer with – “Big Mr. Brian man hurt my whittle feelings. He call me mean names like “Average” and that give me tummy ache. Mommy give me band-aid to make big Mr. Brian man go away.” Fortunately Klemmer does not back down but continues to speak the truth in love. If you approach the book with an open mind and heart you will reap treasures of insight, knowledge and peace. I say “peace” because I find when I am willing to admit my shortcomings, release them to oblivion and begin to practice new principles, then I experience peace. The Compassionate Samuri had the same effect on me as Dr. Phil’s book Relationship Rescue. Both books do not pull punches yet still contain enough grace to prevent a knock-out so you can still move forward. Sometimes a bit preachy but always honest The Compassionate Samuri is a book I will recommend to my two sons, wife and friends. I want them to experience transformational words of wisdom that will solidify their success as they move forward on their life journey. I will also be sure to include a band-aid as a bookmark.

By Courtney Engledrop down icon small empty arrow. V13355991 (Chambersburg, PA United States) – See all my reviews

Every great leader knows at their very core who they are. Compassionate Samurai has revealed the greatness in me, and the obstacles I’ve let hold me back. Having identified this in myself, I now know my dreams are achievable goals. Each character of a Compassionate Samurai can take a lifetime to master, but becoming aware makes all the difference. True leadership is not about “how to’s” but an inward knowing. No amount of guidelines and external motivation can pull that out of me – it must come from within. Let this book reveal the belief in yourself, and know the greatness in you.