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  • 📝 How to further face to face networking online

    📝 How to further face to face networking online

    While at Starbucks on Sunday, I was making use of their free wifi as I slowly sipped on my Venti Sumatra black coffee.  I’ve been overhauling http://jjrailsales.com, moving them from a Frontpage based site to a Joomla based site.  Translation: using a content management system that is built to support the back-office website needs for […]

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  • 📝 How to Increase Business using the Social Media Marketing Funnel

    I’m excited to announce that the doors are open to register for the live social media marketing training event with Dave Saunders. It starts this coming Tuesday, January 13, so if you want to harness the raw power of social media to attract leads and grow your business online, sign up today. http://is.gd/eYbR If you’d […]

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  • 📝 BarCamp Harrisburg wrap-up

    I’ve just returned from BarCampHarrisburg and my mind is spinning with ideas. BarCamp is part of unconference leaderless approach to networking.  One person initiates the idea, and takes on coordinating the event.  Others freely join in and contribute to what interests them. Our organizers included: Rich Hauck (email, twitter: mandalatv, Website) Dave Robertson (email, twitter: […]

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  • 📝 In the Dojo

    Leadership is an interesting thing. Being authentically yourself, and living life to the fullest is no small challenge. In the past few months this telling life lesson has become more relevant. Jesus went unknown in his hometown, but such leadership and selflessness resonates today. I find the same to be true in my own life, […]

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  • 📝 Who owns the ideas?

    📝 Who owns the ideas?

    So you suddenly get a brilliant idea and are ready to share it with the world.  After thinking on it for a while, synthesizing all the details of how other concepts are related and connected, you start putting the concept out.  Suddenly, you find someone else sharing that same idea in some fashion.  What reaction […]

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  • 📝 Compassionate Samurai – Leadership lived out

    What does it take to be a great leader? How do you lead your tribe, or serve in another’s? Brian Klemmer has captured some of the best traits of a leader into a book: Compassionate Samurai. I was fortunate to get my autographed copy personally from Brian when he spoke at World Harvest Outreach in […]

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