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  • Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    Like many people with my skin tone, I’m searching for how to be an ally and what role I have in Juneteenth. Today’s Juneteenth Love Demonstration was exactly what my city needs, as do I personally. Paid Time Off I’ve just gotten my feet under me in my new job with GoDaddy Pro. I learned […]

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  • Help Shape Content on Learn WordPress

    Help Shape Content on Learn WordPress

    By contributing to Learn WordPress, you can help give those new or already using WordPress a roadmap for their learning journey. This could be through gaining a better understanding of the difference between a post and a page, improving your code skills, or progressing and sharing your skills as a longer-term contributor.  Learn WordPress connects […]

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  • Web Designer and Developer Advocate

    Web Designer and Developer Advocate

    I am excited to announce that I’m joining GoDaddy Pro today as a Web Designer and Developer Advocate. Helping folks at all skill levels achieve their goals is my passion professionally. https://www.godaddy.com/garage/courtney-robertson/ I still find it stunning that my role is to care about people. I get to stay current on the WordPress community of […]

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  • Teaching WordPress to Get Students Hired

    Teaching WordPress to Get Students Hired

  • 📹 How to Learn WordPress

    📹 How to Learn WordPress

    Hari Shanker interviewed three of us about how to use the Learn WordPress website. Whether a Meetup organizer, teacher, or self-paced learner, Learn.WordPress.org can help you get started with WordPress. For more information, check out these resources:

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  • 🔗 Hallway Chats: Working in Tech Support

    Did you know that I used to work in tech support and release communications? It was the perfect job while juggling 2 babies that were less than 15 months apart. I learned so much in my time at The Events Calendar about the inner-workings of a WordPress products company. I grew in my understanding of […]

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