Web Designer and Developer Advocate

Web Designer and Developer Advocate

I am excited to announce that I’m joining GoDaddy Pro today as a Web Designer and Developer Advocate. Helping folks at all skill levels achieve their goals is my passion professionally.


I still find it stunning that my role is to care about people. I get to stay current on the WordPress community of website builders. Over the past few years, I’ve seen that same passion for uplifting others coming from the GoDaddy and GoDaddy Pro teams.

But What About Teaching?

I have loved my time teaching WordPress and am not walking away from it. My work in providing training for Web Designers and Developers through the WordPress Training Team and Learn WordPress (thanks GoDaddy for participating in Five for the Future), WordCamps with the Field Marketing Team, and weekly GoDaddy Pro Meetups will continue.

This role will expand my opportunities to help more people achieve their goals in a clear and organized way. Whether in managing websites for clients and all the business logistics or learning current design and development skills, I will have an opportunity to help folks get connected. The GoDaddy Pro Field Marketing Team is incredibly supportive.

You’ll still find me in the space connecting aspiring developers and WordPress content creators with job opportunities. I hope to also bridge the gap with agencies and small business owners seeking qualified applicants.

I’m Listening

Having a wide variety of jobs has led me through nearly every corner of the WordPress community. I really do care about the whole spectrum, and am eager for the days when we can meet up at a WordCamp in person again.

Do reach out. I’d love to hear what you are working on, what skills and tools would help you improve your work, and life in general.

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