I’m excited to announce that the doors are open to register for the live social media marketing training event with Dave Saunders.

It starts this coming Tuesday, January 13, so if you want to harness the raw power of social media to attract leads and grow your business online, sign up today.


If you’d like to help others discover this event and achieve success with their business, please share this address through Twitter, post it on your Facebook wall, submit the address to Digg.com or add it to your other favorite social media sites.

By the way, if you don’t know what any of that means, register for this class today.


With 8 sessions and follow along guides for each, you’re going to get your money’s worth with this training.

And just in case there’s a question not covered, you’ll have special email access to Dave Saunders during the duration of the event. That means you’re totally covered when it comes to getting access to what you want to know about growing your business online with social media.

I’ve partnered with Dave in training and planning the social media needs for a variety of fields.  His heart to see others succeed stands out. The clients that have applied this approach to marketing have seen a rapid increase in their business.  By doubling traffic to their business site and connecting to many more clients using social media, it is clear Social Media Marketing is a refreshing approach to increasing your personal brand.  This class looks to be great fun.