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What everyone needs to know about social media

Having a background in teaching technology and business education, I am often asked a wide variety of tech support issues.  As of lately, it is regarding social media as it relates to business.  I’ve seen a few people rush to these sites and systems with little regard to how to interact appropriately there.  The idea strikes them that they may be able to find lots of new business clients, and maybe even talk some of their former classmates into being their next client.

What’s not appropriate:

If you were walking down the street, and I bumped into you – though we’ve never met, would you want to buy my latest fat loss product because I spouted some web-address at you?  Well, that depends.

On occasion, this approach may work.  Maybe you’ve been looking for just such an answer.  However, you really are more interested in me, in what I have to offer, in the relationship – than you ever will be in what the product or service is.  Save your link for when they ask, or make is accessible, but certainly don’t shout about it from a megaphone (unless the blatent approach is your preferred style).

What is appropriate:

Social media is about relationships.  It is about connection.  It is about information and value delivered. How you show up in Facebook or any other site is a reflection of you.  I show up to connect with former students, roomates, classmates, friends I see regularly, new friends I meet online online, and business connections.  One account, different uses.  However, I am seamless throughout.

Great example of social media in action:

In the past two months, I’ve connected personally with some amazing people.  As a result, we are developing businesses together all built through an online connection.  Dave Saunders, who is a friend offline, has referred me on to assist several others:

  1. Paul Buskager
  2. Chris Vaz
  3. Brian Vaz

I’ve invested into this great crew to develop their social media skills, and am hearing great success already beginning.  Though they may not have landed the huge contract at this moment, the door is opening for new relationships to start.  As these relationships build, they will learn whether what they have to offer is of value to their connections, and learn from others in the process.

I was blown away by what Paul shared:


All of the current projects I’ve got my hands in are being built from my living room, with help from sites such as Huddle, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter.  The actual projects at hand:

  1. Assisting in the development of http://yoursocialbrand.com
  2. Creating content for a soon to be announced online classroom to train others in How and Why to use social media.  I’ve added in step-by-step instructions for beginners through advanced users for a variety of platforms, and Dave Saunders is leading the program in uses related to personal branding in genuine connections.
  3. Creating several personal websites and social media accounts for others, and training on how to make use of it all
  4. Business website creation
  5. Planning an extensive online classroom for a business equipping course in March

All of these projects are entirely collaborated online.  At no point has it been absolutely necessary to meet in person to further these items.

Social Media is learning from each other continuously, interacting, and giving value to others. How are you showing up online?

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