• WordCamp Lancaster 2019

    Liveblog notes from WordCamp Lancaster PA 2019 The Future – Why the Open Web Matters – Aaron Campbell At the very start, the web was open standards, focused on sharing information and being open to as many people as possible. The internet is the single most effective information sharing tool in all of history. Aaron […]

  • Your Ultimate WordPress Website Checklist

    Your Ultimate WordPress Website checklist from Courtney Engle   WordCamp Baltimore 2015 Whether you are just planning your WordPress website, or you realize that your site needs an audit, it’s worth reviewing this website checklist. This talk was presented at WordCamp Baltimore 2015.

  • Coding Optional – Design Your Own Theme With Headway

    Coding Optional – Design Your Own Theme With Headway: If you are a more visual thinker, building your own theme without needing to first know how to code can really make all the difference.

  • Preview WordPress 4.2 Features

    Preview WordPress 4.2 Features

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