Help Shape the Content on Learn WordPress: Hari Shankar, Hauwa Abyshia, Courtney Robertson

By contributing to Learn WordPress, you can help give those new or already using WordPress a roadmap for their learning journey. This could be through gaining a better understanding of the difference between a post and a page, improving your code skills, or progressing and sharing your skills as a longer-term contributor. 

Learn WordPress connects multiple WordPress Make teams, business owners, professionals, and individual users with ways to navigate their journey through WordPress the software and WordPress, the open-source project. is made up of many different teams. These work together on Learn WordPress, the resource launched at the end of 2020. We are currently working on a proposed roadmap for content that will aim to include the learning needs of a wide range of audiences, from website visitors, designers, and developers, to supporting those with accessibility needs. This will help guide future content on Roadmaps to learning are similar to a syllabus of curriculum but presented in a visually organized manner, like a flow-chart.