This image is promoting an online festival of WordPress called Word Fest Live 2021, which will take place over 24 hours and 48 sessions on January 22, 2021. Full Text: THE FESTIVAL OF WORDPRESS Courtney A. Robertson Welcome To The Community And Your New Career Word Fest. Live 2021 24 hours, 48 sessions January 22, 2021

WordFest: Welcome to the Community and Your New Career

The first cohort of adult students to learn WordPress in Code Differently‘s Return Ready program had an opportunity to speak at WordFest’s first event. We shared what it is like to teach and learn WordPress. Tune in for a quick overview on the WordPress curriculum I’ve created.

I can’t say how amazing this event and the entire onboarding sequence was. By pre-recording the main presentation and focusing Q&A on real-time, I was able to remove the stage fright from myself and students. We’re quite used to living in Zoom these days.

Find this talk and more at WordFest:



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