• WordPress Block: Bookmark Card

    WordPress Block: Bookmark Card

    One of my favorite WordPress block plugins is the Bookmark Card by my friend, George Mamadashvili. Have you ever wanted to embed a preview link to a website only to find that WordPress didn’t know how to show a preview of that site how it can do with Twitter, Facebook, or other WordPress websites? That…

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  • My First WordPress Site

    My First WordPress Site

    Do you remember your first encounter with WordPress? I do. Looking back at how different things were then, I truly believe it’s grown much easier to get started. And we have so much more control when considering design options. This post is day 2 of the FromBlogsToBlocks campaign, celebrating WordPress 20th anniversary. I first installed…

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  • A WordPress Origin Story: Courtney Robertson

    A WordPress Origin Story: Courtney Robertson

    If you’ve been in the WordPress community for some time, you’ve like been asked, what’s your WordPress origin story? I have been able to answer that, but had never completed that on my own WordPress profile until today. This post is part of the FromBlogsToBlocks campaign, a celebration of WordPress 20th anniversary. My origins in…

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  • WordCamp Buffalo 2023

    WordCamp Buffalo 2023

    As a sponsor and speaker at WordCamp Buffalo 2023, I had the privilege of experiencing this exciting event firsthand. From the engaging sessions to the networking opportunities, WordCamp Buffalo was an incredible experience that brought together WordPress enthusiasts and professionals of many different skill levels and background. Over the past year, I have attended each…

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  • Book Review: Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

    Book Review: Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

    🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences “Effective Management and Leadership: A Guide to Communication, Goal Setting, and Self-Care” offers managers and leaders a thorough manual for enhancing their communication, goal-setting, and self-care abilities. It focuses on the significance of values in management and leadership and offers a thorough guide to goal-setting and prioritization. Reading this…

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  • A Lot of a Lot: Personal Knowledge Management

    A Lot of a Lot: Personal Knowledge Management

    Have you ever found yourself with more ideas than you can handle? Where do you begin making sense of what needs to be accomplished and finding a starting place? For me, the starting place in in my personal knowledge management. I’ve been finding myself in this space drifting between the stacks of ideas, the piles…

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