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  • Kitchen Sink WP

    Kitchen Sink WP

    Podcast E390 – Interview with Courtney Robertson Adam Silver and I chat about how entrepreneurs and website builders can use Learn.WordPress.org when hiring freelancers. I’ve been a long-time listener of Kitchen Sink WP and always enjoy chatting with Adam. Take a listen.

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  • Teach WordPress by sharing what you know

    Teach WordPress by sharing what you know

    I’ve been thinking lately about the roadmap to learning WordPress and how I’d never say WordPress is easy. But should that stop us from learning, using, teaching WordPress? Not at all. Why teach WordPress? Remember what you learned Spare others from the same frustrations Give back (my friend Andrea has profound insights on this) Help […]

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  • Is WordPress easy?

    Is WordPress easy?

    You may have heard others say WordPress is easy, or using a no-code approach to building websites is easy. Some would even say it is easy to develop code for WordPress. But me? No, I wouldn’t present WordPress as easy. What we do know is that what feels easy for someone isn’t necessarily easy for […]

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  • WordPress Learning Curve

    WordPress Learning Curve

    There is a unique tension in the past few years within WordPress. While the block editor experience has improved the content creation and even website assembly side of this process, it can be said that the learning curve for developing with code for WordPress via plugins or themes has become more complex. This is especially […]

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  • How Learn.WordPress.org can help train your clients

    How Learn.WordPress.org can help train your clients

    Join Courtney and Hugh to discover how the Learn WordPress platform can help you train clients in how to use WordPress and advance your skills as a developer. Learn WordPress is a resource by and for the WordPress community, and open for your participation and suggestions.

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  • Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    Juneteenth Love Demonstration

    Like many people with my skin tone, I’m searching for how to be an ally and what role I have in Juneteenth. Today’s Juneteenth Love Demonstration was exactly what my city needs, as do I personally. Paid Time Off I’ve just gotten my feet under me in my new job with GoDaddy Pro. I learned […]

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