Google Places Dashboard Updates

Google Places is a tool for business owners to claim their place on Google’s search results, much like the bygone days of the YellowPages.  Google Places is free, and has been available for years.


google places updated

Within each, you can edit the listing and view the dashboard.

google places listing

You can quickly see the reviews others have left on Google as well as other review websites:

google plus reviews

You can also see how many times your information was suggested in a local search result:

google places insights

And within the insights, you can see how many people then used your information to navigate to your business:

google places insights navigation

The Google+ page link will take you to your Google+ Local page.

It will be absolutely important that you complete the listing information as thoroughly as possible and remain consistent with how you have claimed other local citations.

If you haven’t viewed your Google Places listing lately, now is the time to review the information.

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